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SELT English Test (A1, A2 & B1)

Changes in ESOL test requirement after 28th October 2013

On 8th April 2013 Home office announced TWO changes.

1) As of 8th April 2013, applicants who are applying for Indefinate Leave to Remain or British Nationality will have to pass ESOL at "B1" Level or higher in Speaking and Listening and NOT ESOL at "A1" Level.

2) Everyone has to pass "Life in the UK" test.

Extra Learning is a one point examination centre by offering ESOL (B1) qualification approved by UKBA. We also prepare you for "Life in the UK" test.

We offer ESOL exams at B1 level in our all 5 centres, 7 days a week.

To book your exam, fill in the form or call us on 07793 450 82707793 450 827

Extra Learning offers a range of English language courses and examinations both in the UK and internationally (Punjab, India) related to UK Border Agency (UKBA) requirements. In addition Extra Learning is affiliated to a varity of examination bodies for the different visa requirements both in the UK and internationally (Punjab, India). We offer the following courses and examinations to meet these requirements:

A1 (Spouse Visa)

This is for people who wish to apply for a spouse visa. If they are in the UK then they can do the exam in the UK and if they are in India or outside of the European Union they must do the exam in that country. The exam involves Speaking and Listening only.

Extra Learning offers exams for ESOL (A1) every week in our own centre. To check for next examination date, please contact us or fill the form.
We also offers examinations in our  Punjab, India centre through UKBA approved examination body. You need to pass only in Speaking & Listening modules only.


The B1 exam is for people who wish to apply for settlement in the UK under work permit  or minister of religion visas or wishing to apply for a Business visa. The B1 exam is also for those students who are coming to the UK on a TIER 4 international student visa or need to apply for an extension of their student visa whilst studying in the UK and are on a level 3, 4 or 5 course.
For purposes of settlement or Business visa applications the requirement is for Speaking and Listening only, whereas for student visa applications all four disciplines are required.

The marks required  for all four modules in the TOEIC exam for B1 are as follows:

Listening - 275
Reading - 275
Speaking - 120
Writing - 120


The B2 exam is  for those students who are coming to the UK on a TIER 4 international student visa or need to apply for an extension of their sudent visa whilst studying in the UK and are on a course above level 6.

The B2 exam consists of 4 modules Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing.
The marks needed for the B2 level through the TOEIC examination body are as follows: 

Listening - 400
Reading - 385
Speaking - 160
Writing - 150

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