SIA Security

What is SIA? 

The Security Industry Authority (SIA) is the organisation that regulates the private industry for security. Their main goal is to licence individuals who meet the compulsory needs of the course assisting them to work in the world of security. 

Why us? 

Here at Extra Learning our dedicated staff have great experience and an in-depth insight into their respective sectors in security as required by the SIA. We provide interactive training consisting of one to one support, which is aimed at eliminating your weaknesses and boosting your potential. Since 2009 we have been proud to say we have a high pass rate in all the courses we offer. We are now taking this into the world of security helping our students get into paid employment and succeed in their careers.

Since 2003 any individual seeking to work in the private security industry, is legally required to obtain a Security Industry Authority (SIA) licence. Working without a licence is a criminal offence and any employer employing staff who is unlicensed will be breaking the law. Please be aware that it is not the responsibility of the employer to get anyone licensed, but it is the responsibility of the individual that they have been appropriately trained with the right licence for the particular role they are responsible for.

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